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Genomics is the study of the complete set of genes in an organism. The University of Liverpool has a number of active research groups across a range of disciplines that can be described broadly as Genomics. On this page you can access the groups within the University of Liverpool involved in Genomics.

This webpage is hosted by the Animal Genomics Laboratory. If you have any queries or comments, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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» Advanced Genomics Facility:

» Liverpool Institute for Biocomplexity

» Beacon Project:

» Liverpool Institute for Nanoscale Science Engineering and Technology

» Bioinformatic resources:

» Liverpool Microarray Facility:

» Centre for Cell Imaging:

» NW Institute for Bio-Health Informatics

» Centre for Bioarray Innovation:

» Pharmacogenomics: No link available at present

» Centre for Medical Statistics and Health Evaluation:

» Proteomics facilities: School of Tropical Medicine: No link available at present

» Centre for Nutritional Genomics: No link available at present

» Proteomics facilities: Veterinary Preclinical Medicine:

» Clinical Genetics and Genomics: No link available at present

» Roy Castle Lung Cancer Research Programme:

» Computer Services Department:

» Sequencing services: School of Tropical Medicine:

» Consortium for Post Genome Science:

» Statistics and Probability:

» Functional Proteomics facilities: School of Biological Sciences:

» UK Pet DNA Archive:

» LEGR Data Centre:

» Wellcome Trust Functional Genomics (Tropical Medicine - malaria):

» Liverpool Gene Expression Group (Liverpool GEM): No link available at present

» Wolfson Bio-Linux Bioinformatics Facility: (Home Page):

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